Natalie Portman is topless for cash


Natalie Portman is known as quite a demure lady. She is classy. She appears in films about ballet. She gets nominated for big awards. She never falls over drunk outside nightclubs and shows her gusset to the paparazzi. She's the kind of woman that your mum would absolutely lose her shit over if you ever brought her home as your girlfriend.

But lately she's gone a bit racy. Perhaps it's because she's now pregnant and thought, 'bugger it, I'm going to spend the next few years covered in someone else's sick, trying to get Play-doh out of my hair and remembering the days when my boobs still lived on the top half of my torso, so I might as well have some fun while I can'. First she got her bum out for Your Highness. Now she's gone and got her top off for a perfume company.

It's very ladylike toplessness. You can basically only see a bit of her back. But we refer you to her aforementioned classiness. She's not going to whack the girls out just to flog some posh whiff. What is Dior trying to tell us with this advert? Is it that this perfume is so intoxicating, yet ladylike, that you will see nothing but the woman wearing it, with even her clothes just melting away in your subconscious (apparently little hair bows being exempt from this law of selective invisibility)? Or just that getting Natalie Portman partially naked is probably good for a bit of free press. The latter.[source]


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