Ostrich Steak with mushroom, corn and ovenroasted potatoes


About a week ago I tried this recipe to marinate steak in kiwi. The result was a little bit disappointing. Maybe not a big surprise, because normally I don't like fruit in savoury dishes.

But the idea of using kiwi to tenderize meat was intriguing enough to give it one more try. I found another kiwi-marinate-recipe that sounded much better already:

1 kiwi, mashed
2 T sake (the recipe asked for dry white wine, but I didn't want to open a bottle)
2 T soy
2 T brown sugar
1 garlic, grated
1 t grated ginger
1/2 T oil

I heated the soy, sake and sugar in the microwave to help dissolve the sugar. Let it cool down and mix with the other ingredients. I let the ostrich steaks marinate for half an hour. (maximum is 1 hour) Then pat dried them thoroughly. Added some oil and grilled them for about 4 minutes, transferred to the oven in alu-foil for another 4 minutes or so. And surprise, surprise, the result was quite nice. The meat was definitely tender and didn't taste like kiwi at all. It tasted like teriyaki. :-)

For the corn on the cob I made some special butter by mixing:
45 gr soft butter
2 T basil, chopped very finely
1 t lemonzest
1 T lemonjuice
1/2 garlic, grated
black pepper

Mushrooms are just panfried in some olive oil with garlic and onion. In the end, add a lump of butter and some fresh thyme, spring onion, salt and pepper.


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