MSI to unveil GT680 at CES 2011, Hailed As World’s Fastest Notebook

At CES 2011, all eyes will be set on MSI due to their pledge to launch the ‘fastest notebook’ in the tech-world. Named as GT680, this notebook is going to be a very special device for the entire tech savvy crowd.

Plus, it is also a great opportunity for MSI to venture beyond the motherboard manufacturer tag and join the elite club of top-rated PC manufacturers.

The MSI GT680 will be primarily a gaming laptop. PCMark Vantage has reportedly returned a score of 18.162 points while running benchmarks which is about three times the average score of the top of the line gaming notebooks prevalent in the market.

Though the specs for this notebook have not been divulged, there are rumors that it will be a monster of a machine. According to top company sources, it will carry Intel quad-core processors coupled with nVIDIA’s GeForce series of high-end graphics cards.

The MSI GT680 will also boast of DDR3 RAM slots that can be expanded to 16GB. Besides, it is being speculated that Intel’s latest Core SandyBridge chips may have been used while making this mammoth notebook. It is to be noted that Intel’s SandyBridge chips are themselves set to be curtained off in the CES 2011. Moreover, rumors have it that the nVIDIA GeForce GT460M will be the GPU on this notebook.

On the storage front, speculations reveal that to support such a hi-performance notebook, nothing less than using dual drive architecture with enhanced read-write speeds will suffice. What’s more is that using such dual drive architecture will definitely augment the speed of the notebook up by 70%. Added to this bonanza is an overclocking feature factory fitted for both the CPU as well as the GPU.

The Turbo Drive Engine is meant for this purpose. Overclocking using this technology can be as simple as pressing a Turbo hot key placed right above the keyboard of the notebook. Such a monster of a notebook will also carry a set of feats, which are not known at this moment. HD, Blu-ray, 3D Sound, etc. and other connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be expected without being too cautious.[source]


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