John’s Phone: The World’s Simplest Phone

Here comes a new phone that claims to be the simplest of all phones in the whole world. John’s Phone, as the new phone is christened as, does not include bulk of feats such as text messaging, ringtones and internet access, as we have become used to of mobile phones of today and which are considered to be the basic elements of a mobile phone.

So, devoid of even the basic elements, John’s Phone may create a sensation among the buyers with the notion of what actually it brags of. It seems the John’s Phone has been designed for those who do not have any interest in showing off their gadget like your grandparents or the ones who are too young to be exposed to the expanse of the Internet like kids.

Well, the ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ faces denoted by the character Fony for making and disconnecting calls respectively pretty much suggest that the phone has been designed for the kids. When the phone is being charged, Fony is seen electrocuted and when the phone is in sleep mode, Fony is seen sleeping on a bed. Quite an interesting way to catch attention of the simple-minded children!

The front face of the John’s Phone is entirely dedicated to the keypad. There is an LCD display at the top and there are volume rockers, power switch and SIM card slot on the side of the phone. The best feat of the John’s Phone is that users can use any SIM card in it as it comes unlocked. The John’s Phone comprises of an address book and an integrated pen, speed dial, ringtone as well as vibration mode and earphones. So, the John’s Phone is a phone in the true sense of the term that enables making and receiving calls.

Very basic in its character, the John’s Phone exhibits a tremendous battery performance powered by 1200mAh battery. After all, users would not find on the phone that can kill the battery life unlike most present day phones – music player, games, camera, etc. So, it does not actually cost too much of a battery life for receiving or making calls.

The John’s Phone is available in five colors that users can choose from as per their personality and age group. The John’s Phone is priced between $115 and $156 which is pretty cheap. What remains to be seen is whether this different phone with its extraordinary simplicity can really appeal to the buyers.



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