What You Don't Like About D-Link DIR-412 3G Mobile Wireless Router?


Ozcableguy - Router Reviews - D-Link DIR-412 - N150 3G ...
OzCableguy's tips and techniques for Australian Broadband users ... D-Link DIR-412 N150 3G Broadband Router. Price: $67.10. Click here to buy now. Rating: Not Yet Rated. Hardware ... 

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D-Link has introduced a wireless Internet router in Russia, called the D-Link DIR-412. The router has an Ethernet port for wired connection to the internet provider, ...
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D-Link announces shipment of new portable wireless router
According to the company, the D-Link Mobile Wireless Router (DIR-412) allows users to access a broadband ... The DIR-412 reportedly creates a high-speed 802.11n, provides ...
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Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router 3G 11n-Based...
"The iPad also does not have a USB port so I couldn't use my Verizon Novatel USB760 3G USB dongle modem that I use with my laptop for those hotels without free internet service..."

"Unfortunately my Verizon 3G signal strength where I live is very weak (1-2 bars) so I couldn't get much more than 1 Mbps download speed but I will test this again when I am in a location with decent signal strength..."

Huawei E1762 + DLink DIR-412
"Been thinking about getting the DLink DIR-412 to use with my E1762..."

"Trouble is, none of them is using the same Huawei modem as I do, so before I commit to buying something that might not work, does anyone here know if the specific Huawei modem model E1762 will work with the Dlink DIR-412 3G router..."

"Trouble is, none of them is using the same Huawei modem as I do, so before..."Read Full Article

D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router | M're Undefined
"The first thing that I got is DVD ring file..."

"Will look good on my rack later what I have this arranged together with the blu-ray movies that I have..."

"I guess this is the highlight of my trip to Low Yat Plaza today, buying this quite cheap, RM115 D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router..."
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NCIX FORUMS - Can the USB be used to thether to a sma... - D-LINK DIR-412 Wireless...
"It had a lot of nice built-in features and was really stable (plus it gave me back my data when Rogers decided to be stupid with their 911 fiasco..."

"We do not recommend you make puchasing decisions based on Forum messages..."

"if you got a real smartphone you could just download an app instead of buying this which still probably wont work with the iphone..."
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Martin Steap said...

Designed for genuine portability this router features a standard rechargeable and replaceable 2.5 hour lithium ion battery. Compatible with USB dongles by just about every cell phone company this compact router attaches for the Internet anywhere you will find there's 3G** cell phone connection.

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