ARGUSTech ATG521.N.V1 Wireless B/G/N Multi –Client/ AP Router/AP Bridge/PtP Bridge and WDS Modes PCBA Board Module is an IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant with 150&300Mbps high-speed data rate, AP Router bassed on 2.4 GHz Frequency..

ATG521.N.V1 provides with larger wireless range and enhance mobility of usage. It has advanced WPA, WPA2, IEEE802.1x, Disable SSID Broadcast, MAC Address filtering to ensure the security of Wireless LAN.

The ATG521.N.V1 Support Gateway modes, WAN access mode. Can be set as AP Client, AP Client Router, AP Router, AP Bridge, PtP Bridge, and WDS Modes, and compatibilities of Win 98,Win2000,WinME, and Win XP operation systems provide more flexibility and mobility to users. For home users and small enterprises, it is no doubt that ATG521.N.V1 is an ideal device to build a wireless LAN network. Quick and easy setup with Web-based management utility.[source]


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