Spicy Shrimp Satay (Sate)


The Indonesia Food Recipe

Sate or Satay or Satay, for this original food from Indonesia, now I write the recipes for you hope you’ll like it and enjoyed. Browse this blog to get more info about sate.


1.Cover the shrimp with lemon juice and salt. Put it away in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Stick the shrimp with the skewer.

2.Ground all the ingredients then stir fry in oil until it is aromatized. Add in the shrimp with the skewers. Stir for a while until it turns color.
3. Grill / Burn the shrimp until it is cooked.


Serves 10
30 big head shrimp
2 lemon juice
20 shallots
5 gloves garlic
10 red chilies
2 sliced ginger
4 sliced turmeric
4 lemon leaves
4 table spoon ketchup and tomato sauce
Salt and sugar


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