Samsung S5600v Blade Review

This desirable 3G touch screen phone is exclusively available on the Vodafone network & has been beautifully manufactured by Samsung. The Samsung S5600v Blade has a large touch screen which measures 2.8 Inches when measured diagonally & displays up to sixteen million colours for the user to enjoy at a high resolution. This phone comes in a smooth & curvaceous designed casing which has easy to locate call keys & a navigation key situated on the front section below the large touch screen. A built in gesture control feature allows the user to control their touch screen using a simple wave of the hand over the screen. Its casing weighs 92 grams which gives the handset a solid feel without being too heavy for carrying purposes. The Samsung S5600v Blade measures 10.28cm tall, 5.48cm wide & 1.29cm deep which allows the user to carry this handset easily & hold the handset in a single hand when operating their phones features.

The phone supports polyphonic sound ringtones as well as MP3 & WAV format ringtones so therefore the user can download new ringtones to suit their style & enjoying hearing their favourite sounds & tunes as a ringtone each time a new call is received. The Samsung S5600v Blade comes with a FM radio RDS feature which allows the user to tune into a radio station to hear weather reports, sports commentaries, all the latest music & music chat stations. A built in music playing feature allows the user to download or transfer music onto the Samsung S5600v Blade which can then be played back at the user's leisure. This player supports music play back in many music formats including MP3, AAC & WMA format. The user can store their music on their phones memory & access the music player from the phones main menu using touch screen controls. The S5600v Blade supports a turn to mute music feature which allows the user to mute their music quickly by a simple turn of the handset. This phone also supports a music recognition feature allowing the user to find out the name of a song the user may like the sound of, by the user simply recording a short section of a song & the music recognition service will find out all the relevant details about the song including the name of the song & the band or solo artist performing the song. The S5600v supports DNSe sound which is a digital natural sound engine which provides the user with a clear sound experience on their handset. The user can create & share messages with their friends & family as the S5600v Blade supports a text message service, MMS picture messaging service & an email service. The user can communicate with other compatible messaging contacts by creating, sending & receiving messages on their handset.

This handset comes with fifty megabytes of internal memory & the user can extend its memory capabilities further by adding a compatible memory card. The handset comes with four gigabytes of MicroSD™ type memory card supplied in the start up box but this may vary depending on the sale provider. This handset will support up to eight gigabytes of external memory if the user wishes to insert a larger capacity memory card. The Samsung S5600v Blade supports 3G HSDPA technology as well as GPRS & EDGE which allows the user to enjoy high speed connectivity & fast rate data transfers on their phone. The user can connect to devices such as their computer or a printer by using the connectivity options available which include a Bluetooth® wireless connection or a USB cabled connection. The user can enjoy connecting to compatible devices when transferring data & files between the two devices. This Vodafone exclusive handset works over a GSM quad band network as well as covering 3G HSDPA 900 & 2100 networks. When the user fully charges the battery the user can experience up to two hundred & fifty hours of battery standby time or experience approximately two hours of talk time.

A discrete camera lens which is situated above the screen on the front section allows the user to be captured when taking part in a 3G video call. The Samsung S5600v Blade has a 3.1 megapixel camera feature which comes complete with a built in LED flash which will add light to darker shots. This camera feature also supports a smile detection feature which allows the user to capture a happy shot each time the camera feature is used. A built in automatic focus will ensure that a well focused picture is captured each time the capture key is pressed. The capture key is located at the side of the handset in an easily accessible position. The 3.1 megapixel camera supports video recording capabilities & the user can also playback video footage on their handset. The user can access the Web on their Samsung S5600v Blade & enjoy a HTML & XHTML web experience. This handset supports lively & a fun gaming experience & the user can download games to suit their gaming taste. The user can enjoy playing games during their leisure time & enjoy this entertainment feature on their handsets.[source]


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