Nokia E7 Review


The E7 comes with a touch screen design & slider form casing plus this amazing looking Smartphone supports many features & technologies to wow its user. This 3G Smartphone is from the same Nokia E series as the Nokia E5 but these two handsets supports differing features & handset designs which make them unique. The Nokia E7 is a larger sized Smartphone due to its huge touch screen design, but big can be beautiful too & this Smartphone is truly a stunning device. It support a powerful processor & comes with a Symbian^3 operating system plus its user can enjoy the accessing the full QWERTY keyboard by simply sliding & tilting the screen section of the casing to reveal this keyboard. The E7 comes with so many communication features, entertainment features & technologies, but its main features would be its amazing 8 megapixel camera with an assortment of imaging functions, its HDMI connectivity, WiFi® capabilities, stunning user interface plus its outstanding messaging services for easy communication.
Appearance & Size

The E7 has a stylish casing which is available in a variety of colours to suit the user preferred style. The user can choose from a dark grey, silver white, blue, green or orange coloured casing, which is made from a strong anodised aluminium material. This handset is larger in size than other Smartphone's due to its extremely large touch screen design, but its shape & opening mechanism make it an easy handset to handle & use. It measures 12.37cm in height by 6.24cm in width by 1.36cm in depth & it weighs 176 grams with its battery included. The overall style & form is highly useable as the user can leave their handset in its closed position whilst controlling their Smartphone features using touch controls on the screen. However if high speed text input is needed the user can simply slide back the screen section of the casing, which sits perfectly in a tilt position, therefore allowing its user to use their E7 in a horizontal mode complete with a wide screen touch screen & full QWERTY keyboard. The touch screen is four inches in size & has an AMOLED capacitive display with a high screen resolution & high colour support. This screen also supports handwriting recognition & a virtual keypad as input methods. . 

Imaging, Media & Entertainment

Capturing still photos & videos is all possible on the E7 thanks to its 8 megapixel digital camera feature which has a lens located on the back of the casing & the user can experience a variety of settings, touch controls & editing tools to ensure the perfect photo or video is captured. A pinch to zoom function makes it easy for the user to capture a close up shot using simple controls. This camera can capture video footage at up to twenty five frames per second plus it supports a video zoom. Video playback & video streaming is possible on the Nokia E7 & the user can even enjoy connecting their Smartphone to their TV for a large screen viewing experience thanks to the HDMI connectivity complete with Dolby Sound Plus support. The E7 supports high quality gaming as the user can use touch screen controls to control their favourite 3D games. There are two music features built into this Smartphone which include a stereo FM radio & a music player with a cover flow music search facility.

Communication & Messaging

The user will find it easy to communicate with their favourite contacts & the user can store multiple contact numbers & multiple email addresses for each contact in their phone book. There are many useful call features & options which include a call log, hand free speaker phone call option & a conference call. A video call can be enjoyed between compatible contacts allowing each contact to view each other on their screens whilst chatting providing a face to face video call. The Nokia E7 supports a text message service complete with a conversation style message layout & the user can share photos, music, sound & videos in a multimedia style message. Its email service allows the user to attach documents to emails & the user can send & receive emails directly from their E7. This Smartphone supports popular email services including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail & Hotmail. An online instant message service provides a conversation style message including text & symbols to be shared between contacts that are online at the same time. Creating any format of message is made easy for the user thanks to this Smartphone's slide & tilt design casing with its user friendly full QWERTY keyboard.

Technology & Internet

It 3G HSDPA & HSUPA technology provides the user with fast connectivity when needed & the Nokia E7 works over four GSM networks as well as 3G HSDPA 850, 900, 1700, 2100 & 1900 networks. Up to five hours of talk time can be gained over a 3G network or up to nine hours of talk time of a GSM network can be enjoyed from a fully charged battery. This Smartphone is a WLAN WiFi® capable handset allowing the user to connect their phone to a nearby wireless LAN or hotspot when gaining access to the Internet. The Internet browser supports a XHTML, HTML, CSS, WML & MP Web experience completely with a full page display & touch screen controlled Web browsing. The E7 comes with sixteen gigabytes of memory plus 1 gigabyte of ROM & two hundred & fifty six megabytes of RAM memory. The user can view & use an OVI maps application version 3 when using the built in navigation feature. This stylish touch screen Smartphone supports both Bluetooth® wireless technology & USB connectivity which means the user can connect to other devices to transfer data, plus transfer speeds can be quick thanks to the handsets built in EDGE & GPRS technology.[source]


Nokia review said...

Like most of the E series phone Nokia E7 is also a business phone what makes it different from other is its touch screen which used 4 inches dimensions, the screen has resolution of 640 x 360 pixels, it is also equipped with HDMI jack and camera is 8 MP. Its features are really very fascinating which can easily make ones mind to own this phone.

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