ARGUSTech ATP6101B platform is a full-featured reference platform which is based on Atheros® latest MIPS-24K series network processor with up to 600MHz core frequency, can be applied in many occasions such as AP station/mesh wireless router and SOHO gateway, etc. 

ATP6101B series support three mode, including 2GE, 1GE&1FE and 2FE. With up to 4 miniPCI slots which allows WLAN access via 802 11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi card, the wireless transmitting rate is enhanced observably; especially, when we lead in PoE/PoE Plus module in this platform. 

It can support the GE POE application and be a much more attractive and integrated gateway platform with the applications of these two technologies.

ATP6101B reference platform allows developers to adopt and customize platform design and quickly develop a desired solution, which evidently reduces time-to-market. It can support many applications, such as multi-AP, Mesh network, etc. Its software flexibility and modularity simplify customization for different service providers across different fields, and for future services.

ARGUSTech provides complete support so as to support customer development to expedite customized design and to maximum customers’ benefit.[source]


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