ATP-50EK 802.11n Embeded wireless module which use to extend wireless coverage,offer up to 150Mbps stable throughput, also compliant with 802.11b/g.

ATP-50EK is best choice to integrate wireless function into wired device and the simple way to enhance wireless coverage with its mini size and low power consumption.

The difference compare with adding general access point into your system is that ATP-50EK module don’t need cab le,just put it within the coverage limits of access point or wireless router, ATP-50EK will make wireless signal jump to remote wireless devices.
This style of “relay station” or “Repeater”could save wired networking cost and contribute setup of wireless infrastructure.To cover wireless signal into long distance,the corner of a signal reflection and not only the area of bad wireless coverage but also the area of wiring difficult to reach.[source]


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