Sony Ericsson S302 My Second Mobile

Sony Ericsson S302 –the first handset of the Snapshot ‘S’ series. It is build on Sony Ericsson’s camera phone heritage, the S302 Snapshot are all-round performers that maximise their camera credentials. The S302 introduces a premium looking, yet affordable phone with a snapshot camera at-hand when needed.


With a 11 mm thickness body and high gloss finish, and weighs of 79 grams so it won’t weigh the user down whilst carry. There is a 2 Inch color screen display situated above the keypad which displays up to 262k colours by that TFT screen. The keypad is well spaced out and had individual keys for ease of use when inputting text and contact numbers. The S302 is available in two color that include a cool thunder Grey colored casing and an eye catching crystal blue colored casing.


Though the Sony Ericsson S302 is mainly a camera phone, I don’t know why Sony Ericsson only loaded this with a 2 mega pixel camera. Maybe is the price matter. Frankly, the camera is so disappointing, it has very limited features for photos. For example no night shot, focus, rotation, etc though the camera feature comes with Photofix and photo light. You can also take short videos but don’t expect great video quality.


The Sony Ericsson S302 has an integrated music/media player that supports popular music formats that features a built FM stereo radio with RDS along with a Bluetooth® stereo with A2DP that intended for a great mobile music experience. The sound effect is This is another setback of SE S302. The speaker is too bad. Actually the sounds are crisp and clear,but its has only 5 volume levels and definitely not loud enough thus make the sound effects weak as well though there is a Mega Bass system feature included.


The Sony Ericsson S302 only provides 20MB internal memory. Obviously that is not enough for a camera dedicated phone. However, you can expand it with a Memory Stick Micro card. Or you can use USB 2.0 or the Bluetooth 2.0 functions to transfer your photos to your PC or to an online storage using the PictBridge support.


Although the Sony Ericsson S302 is a very good looking and attractive phone, but I still have to admit that it is the poorest phone in the price range. It’s camera sucks. Indeed the camera is fast Snapshot but the qualities is disappointed. Even some other 2MP’s camera phone can do better then SE S302. And the sounds qualities also let me down. Many people where complaining that they couldn’t hear the phone even when the kept it in their pocket. The S302 might be the BIGGEST FAILURE from Sony Ericsson.


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