My Oldest Sony Ericsson Z520i

Sony Ericsson Z520i is a phone with a very attractive style and compact clamshell. It is a phone with the multiple facilities of camera, video and MP3 player. It is a phone of mid cost and the facilities with it, justifies the cost very well. It has a dimension of 83*46*24 mm and weighs about 94g.

The VGA resolution of the phone provides a good quality display through the TFT display technique. The external display of the phone is not so best and fades in the bright sun shine. The phone has a very slim design with a good rotating mechanism to open it.

The phone has a good quality MP3 player that can play both the MP3 and AAC formats. In addition, it can be used for MPEG video. The memory is not sufficient is the user can store about three tracks, with the 16 MB of shared memory. It leaves the user in desperate mood as far as the memory is concerned as there is no support for the memory card available in the phone.

The phone is available two colors: the chalky white and the sandy grey, though the cover is changeable. The user can customize the phone with themes, ringtones, games, and animated wallpaper. It supports both MP3 and AAC ringtones and different ringtones can be assigned for massage, call and alarm. User can store 40 polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. The phonebook is pictured, a unique quality of the phone.

The basic features of the phone include the organizer, calculator, clock and games. The phone supports Java enabled games that can be downloaded according to the userĂ¢€™s choice.

The diverse external connectivity of the phone supports Bluetooth, USB, Fast port and infra-red. It provides faster data transfer from phone to PC and vice- versa. The can be customized to give more personal look with the variety of ringtones, image and lighting effects. The other prominent features of the phone are qua band support, web browser, picture phone book and high speed data transfer. The Xtml web browser of the phone enables faster searching of data on the web.

The key pad of the phone is quite good and the keys are well balanced. The square shaped menu button is surrounded by round navigation keys. The user often complaints about the smoothness of keys, It is a phone with average life of battery that supports two days in a stand by mode and about 3.5 hours of the talking time.


* Excellent VGA camera with zoom and picture editor
* TFT screen for internal display
* Media player that supports MP3, AAC, and MPEG4 video


* Insufficient memory
* Poor external screen display
* Poor quality video pictures and recording


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