BV Awareness - Beating Bacterial Vaginosis by Being Responsible and Smart

It is important to have BV awareness.

When it comes to living, your first priority should be your health. Now, not a lot of people remember that; especially these days. In this day and age, there are many temptations and distractions that pull people's attention away from managing their health well.

For women, one of the most important health matters is reproductive health. Because the world is so liberated today, women tend to forget how they should be extra careful when it comes to their reproductive system. One of things women should watch out for is disease. A very common disease of the female reproductive health is bacterial vaginosis or BV. BV is very common in women; one third of the women in the world will get BV at least once in their lives.

As mentioned above, the world today is very liberated. Because of this liberal mindset, women tend to have sex more casually than before. This is actually a big focus when it comes to BV awareness. Bacterial vaginosis is most common in women who are sexually active, especially ones who change partners all the time.

Some call it sexual freedom, while some call it promiscuity; whatever it is, it's a big factor in the spread of BV. If you want to decrease you chances of contracting BV, try your best to abstain. Less sexual contact means less chances of BV. If you cannot hold it down, however, make it a point to practice safe sex. Always use a condom. Be responsible not only to yourself, but also to your partner.

Part of BV awareness is spreading the word about the issues. Since this is such a common female issue, make sure to educate all the women you know about the infection. Get yourself a regular gynecologist. Having a regular gynecologist can help you track your reproductive health better. A gynecologist can provide you with all the info you need to know about BV and other STDs. BV awareness should start with you. The only way to beat bacterial vaginosis permanently is by being smart.[source]


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