Entry Level Nikon D5100


Nikon has introduced a new mid-range entry level DSLR camera that they feel is perfect for the DSLR buyer looking for Full HD 1080p video recording as well as 16.2 mega-pixel CMOS sensor. That new versatile camera is the Nikon D5100 and yes it does feature a side swivel LCD, which will be of benefit mostly for video recording but can utilized for photo capture too.

Nikon D5100

The new D5100 will take the place of the old Nikon D5000 which was unveiled back in 2009. As you might imagine Nikon has added quite a few new features onto the D5100 that weren’t thought of for the D5000. The main new features include a size reduction from the D5000 to the D5100 (10% lighter and more compact), the side swivel LCD, Full HD video recording and the 16.2-megapixel sensor.

You can take in all the main specifications for the new D5100 below and if you are interested the camera is going to be priced at $800/£669.99 / €777 for the body only and the $900/£779.99 / €904 for the D5100 and an 18-55mm VR kit lens. Nikon has stated the D5100 will be available on April 21st, 2011.


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