Debricking OpenWrt TP-Link WR740N v4.23


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If you have flashed your TP-Link WR740N v4.23 with OpenWrt firmware and while tweaking your device wireless router accidentally you've done something. Unfornately you don't know what when wrong and you can not access the device via LAN/WLAN or even on the WAN port. Just wanted to share this few simple and easy step on how to debricked you TP-Link WR740N without the used of serial or JTAGging.

For the (box branded) WR740N v2.4 and v4.23 the below works for recovery from nasty stuff like dropbear lockout, mtd overlay size problems or other software misuses:

  • Unplug the router's power cord.
  • Connect any router LAN port directly to your PC.
  • Configure your PC with a static IP address:
  • Plug the power on to the router.
  • Wait until the "SYS" LED starts flashing repeatedly.
  • Press the "QSS" button (on the front/back of the router) → the "SYS" LED will now start flashing at a faster rate.
  • Login to the router by using telnet to connect to the IP address → there will be an immediate unauthenticated login to a root shell.

  • mount_root - will mount the normal root filesystem.
  • firstboot - all settings will be reset.
  • /rom/sbin/reboot - will reboot even without a mounted filesystem.

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