1919 Sarawak Banknotes - Twenty Five Cents


1919 Sarawak Banknote - Twenty Five Cents

This is one of the earliest banknotes issued by Sarawak government in 1900s. There were two Emergency Notes issued by the Sarawak Government Treasury i.e. in the denomination of 10 Cents and 25 Cents. They are extremely rare especially the note with the face value of 25 Cents.

The date on the note itself tells the issuance date i.e. 1st July 1919 and it was signed by George C. Gillian, the Treasurer of The Sarawak Government Treasury. Unlike those Sarawak notes that bears the portrait of Charles Vyner Brooke, these Emergency Notes were printed locally by the Government Printing Press at Kuching. Obviously, the printing quality of these notes were far behind from those printed in Europe.


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