Things You Should Know About iPhone 5


Reading about the specifications of a mobile device can only tell you so much, words only illustrate so much, it doesn't convey the feel or the real life functions.

Thus, we at inSing wrung feedback from some of the first few people in Singapore to acquire a personal iPhone 5, so that you know what you’re queuing up for.

[Ed's note: The identities of these survey participants have been kept confidential, due to the nature of some of their jobs in the field of communications.]


Most users agree that the new iPhone feels significantly slimmer and less heavy. In the poignant words of one particular interviewee:

“You feel the difference the moment you hold it. After I got used to the iPhone 5, my old iPhone 4S weighed like a brick in my hand.”

“Even though it’s elongated, it feels thinner and lighter,” another iPhone 5 user added. “In fact, its enlarged screen gives it a shape and size that handles better in one hand.”

“Making a phone bigger just because you can, might hamper user comfort,” he said, hinting at the recent endeavours of HTC, LG and Samsung.

Another iPhone 5 owner had a great point to add, “the matte surface of its back makes it feel more finely crafted than its predecessor.”

4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Amid the ongoing conspiracy theory that mobile service providers are allowing the efficiency of 3G services to lapse, in a ploy to nudge us into the world of LTE, the opinion echoed by numerous new users regarding LTE was, “it’s way faster!” A few inSing readers also mentioned that they experienced no problems with its WiFi connectivity.

Camera and Earpods

We received no negative criticisms about its enhanced 8-megapixel camera, though the international mobile community recently complained of a purple haze effect marring some of their photos. Most users gave a thumbs-up to the audio function of the stylish new earpods, which look set to be the next overrated fashion statement to plague your daily public commute, succeeding the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones trend.

YouTube, Maps, Apps

Basic functions of the iPhone 5 are much zippier, attributed by users to Apple’s installation of its new A6 Chip. Several apps such as iMessage are noticeably brighter, while the phone’s overall colours appear more vibrant. Regarding the dropping of iPhones’ built-in YouTube, due to the fallout between Apple and the uncontrollably expanding video library, most users had no qualms with the smoothness of the downloadable YouTube app.

A handful of users voiced out that the new phone’s maps needed some getting used to. “They’re not at all accurate,” was the opinion of one interviewee.
“Its battery life is now slightly more than a day, despite me constantly playing with it throughout," one user told us.

Users agreed that the new iPhone syncs and charges slightly faster, but also concurred that the increase in battery life was quite overhyped by Apple.


“Despite the relatively small increase in display size,” one 4S-to-iPhone 5 convert remarked, “it feels hard to go back to a 3.5-inch screen after switching to a 4-inch one.”

A non-iPhone 5 wielding online commenter joked, “why would you leave your old iPhone over half an inch? I hope your girlfriend doesn’t do the same.”

One general consensus across the board was a desire for apps to keep up. “Most apps are not yet updated to take advantage of the increased screen real estate,” one inSing reader noted. He, along with many others who were interviewed, chorused this sentiment – what’s the point of a bigger screen if external apps are still as small as before?

“I’d say it’s slightly better,” concluded a young inSing subscriber in his mid-twenties, “but I wouldn’t say it’s a revolution.”

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