Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Windows XP Drivers


I know I have at times been quite confused as to which drivers were for what hardware, and there has especially been some confusion over the different drivers for the Battery Meter/Wireless Select Switch thing. I therefore decided to compile a list of the various drivers together with their filename. All links are to Dell's ftp site, for direct file download. BTW, these are listed as Windows XP drivers on their site to download drivers. Ubuntu drivers are built-in to the kernel (so, you don't need these).

Drivers for the Mini 9, taken from Dell's website:

Recommended order to install these drivers

Finally, you can sign up on Dell's website to be notified by email whenever a new driver is released (including new BIOS releases). You will need to be signed in to "Create a New Subscription." The rest should be pretty straightforward.

I hope people find this post useful! Maybe it can be made a sticky... hint, hint
Edit: Due to popular demand, I will list drivers from sources other than Dell which have been reported to work with the Mini. These include drivers with higher version numbers, and may have added functionality.


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