Aztech DSL605EW VoIP Review


I bought this Aztech wireless router from SNS not long ago. I follow instruction set WEP password and configure the DNS server as , , everything should be alright but I still have network limited connectivity problem.

The problem not only occur in wireless status, its also appears for using LAN cable. I run through those technical solution online, many people whose using this model also complaint at the same problems. The wireless, DSL and internet signal shown on router is green and lit but users still cannot browse websites and messenger are not functioning.

One thing is really funny which my QQ (one of the popular messenger used in China) still running. I even can have voice conferencing with others using QQ while the MSN, SKYPE and websites are disconnected. However, I am getting frustrated for on and off this router over hundreds time a day. This is the most silly and the only way that i can do for reconnect to the network.


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