World's Most Advanced School Ever Built


Stamford American International School claims to be the "world's most advanced school ever built". The S$300 million "super" campus for kids from kindergarten up to secondary school has officially opened in Singapore, with photos giving us an insight into what future schools will look like.

Stamford is also the first school in Singapore to offer students both the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and the American Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma. Facilities in the school include dedicated spaces for art, theatre, dance and music, and world-class sporting facilities such as two swimming pools, basketball courts and outdoor fields.

And the cost for putting your child in there? It goes from a whopping S$12,620 per year for half day nursey classes to at least S$31,000 for a full year at the secondary school level.

More information @ photos and videos via Yahoo News


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