myLGnet myLG070 APL-2000 Firmware Download


This previous day I have a continues intermittent connection from PLDT myDSL, I can not guess if my PLDT ZyXEL P-660R-D1 modem/router is really faulty. I've been an hours pointing the errors, upgrading the modem/router firmware from old to new and from new to old and even switch the original ZyXEL website firmware but the problem still exist. Good a friend of mine has this myLG070 APL-2000 still in a box lend me for some time because this device is just sitting in her room.

Yes, is it because she has a Linksys E3000 Wireless N router that's why I have given this opportunity to plug in her gateway device in replace to my junky faulty PLDT modem/router. The APL-2000 works fine like charm with out disruption I used it as router and also wireless access point only I realized that my PLDT myDSL ZyXel P-660R-D1 is really buggy. My experiment with myLG070 APL-2000 is that you can choose to make this device as pure WAP (wireless Access Point) or router together with the WAP via upgrading or downgrading the firmware, the difference is that pure WAP strengthen the wireless signal by 30% more.


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