EliteAAA Radius Server


Elitecore EliteAAA offers an access agnostic Carrier grade AAA scalable up to 1 million to 25 million subscriber base. It can be deployed as a centralized AAA for Multiple Network WiMAX, CDMA Evdo, 3G & Wifi or as standalone for each services. EliteAAA is compliant to the latest RADIUS, Diameter, 3GPP/3GPP2, IPV4 & IPV6, Wi-FI, WiMax NWG Specifications with approved standards of IETF, ETSI, ANSI and other governing communication standards.

Flexible Authentication Methods
  • EliteAAA support multiple Authentication methods
  • LDAP-based Authentication
  • RDBMS-based Authentication
  • Credit-based Authentication
  • PAP/CHAP, Digest and EAP Support (TLS, TTLS, SIM, AKA, PEAP, FAST)
  • Authentication based on parameters (MSISDN, IMSI, Username/Password, APN), Session Parameters & Profile
  • Transparent Authentication for all the Network Elements with Single AAA Instance
Policy Management
Centralize Policy & Session Management- to control access to services across multiple networks -3G, WiMAX, CDMA, Wi-fi, Dialup/Broadband, IMS and VoIP with centralize subscriber database

Real time Accounting
EliteAAA offers a scalable carrier-grade platform to handle thousands of accounting requests per second in real time, on suitable hardware, and caters to the busiest of networks. It’s highly reliable accounting capabilities, eliminates duplicate usage records ensures delivery of all accounting data to your billing systems.

Carrier Grade Reliability
  • Supports cluster and connection pooling
  • Support to detect and perform failover function
  • Supports OS Virtualization and Multi-Core Architecture, where multiple instances can run on same server
IP Pool Management & Personalization
EliteAAA provides IP Pool Management to maintain a list of used and free IP addresses. An IP pool can be bound with a Network Access Server (NAS). IP addresses are allocated to the end-user from this pool. The status of the IP address changes as it is allocated and Freed.

Proxy AAA
EliteAAA provides you an option to forward your request to another AAA server based on a RADIUS attribute. It supports forwarding based on Realm, ANI and DNIS. It also allows you to select the matching pattern for the attribute e.g. - IMSI range. You have the choice of removing the realm pattern from a username with EliteAAA. It also allows you to configure whether to forward the request to another AAA server or to authenticate locally after removing the username. EliteAAA supports asynchronous forwarding of authentication & accounting request to multiple AAA.

Mediation Enhancement
The mediation features of EliteAAA enables you to export CDRs stored in proxy and main AAA server’s local database, CSV file and detail.local, from where it can be fetched by the rating engine. It provides configurable options for including header information in the CSV file. The CSV format allows you to store both standard and vendor-specific attributes.

Broad Multi-vendor Support and Integration
  • Broad multivendor support and integration with north bound and south bound interfaces. Open API enables easy integration with OSS BSS & Other third party Equipments in the ecosystem
  • Seamless interaction with multiple external AAA servers and roaming partners.
  • Standard based Charging Gateway, Prepaid Adapter Modules to address Prepaid Charging
  • Pre-integrated SS7/ Sigtran stack supporting MAP gateway allows integration with mobile network elements such as the HLR.
  • Support for non-3GPP interworking
  • Supports Mobile IP & Integration with third party PPS
Secure Network Access
  • Secured Wired 802.1x Network Access -Authentication is based on the EAP-MD5 which encrypts the user credentials and also ensures mutual authentication of NAS and RADIUS for all remote WLAN/VPN and wired 802.1X user
  • Secure Access over HTTPS with X.509 certificate via SSL
Multi Network Support
EliteAAA supports Multiple Networks such as DSL, WiMAX, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA2000 1x, EDGE, WiFi, Dial-up / ISDN, VoIP/ NGN and Cable.

Multiple Protocol Support
  • Radius, Diameter, SIP, Parlay, Java, CORBA, SOAP/HTTP, XML, LDAP, Telnet


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