Universal USB Programmer chip EEPROM FLASH MPU with a set of adapters TOP3100


Can be used for programming the huge amount of chips, such as the repair of computers and laptops, printers, cartridges, repair of household and office equipment, punching blocks ECU, immobilizer, chip-tuning, programming, etc. microcontroller

  • Powered by USB port.
  • Powered by USB port or external power supply of 5V.
  • Built-in protection from rising current of improper installation or circuit chips.
  • Check all circuits tion for the presence of contact with the programmer.
  • Powered by operating systems: Windows 7 / Vista / 2000/2003 / XP
  • Supports auto-detection of the manufacturer and the programming of the chip.
  • MCU / MPU timing, programming speed is independent of the computer.
List of adapters (adapters are made in Japan) more info @ smartkeys
  • SOP16/SOIC16
  • SOP20/SOIC20
  • SOP28/SOIC28
  • PLCC28
  • PLCC32
  • PLCC44
  • TSOP48
  • TSOP32


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