Ubiquiti Airmax World Conference 2011


Ubiquiti held their AirMax World Conference today (10/13/2011) It was a really great show. It was nice to meet everyone that has been working feverishly for the past several years bringing us all their amazing products.

They announced several new products today! They also gave us a sneak peak at what is to come. I don't know where to start telling you guys so I will just take it in the order that they fed it to us… The best I can remember ;)

Huan kicked things off by giving us a presentation on AirVision. This is there new camera software platform. The software looks very nice and very appealing. They also gave everyone in attendance an AirCam! Nice! Free Swag! ;) Thanks Ubiquiti. I will be testing this as soon as I touch down back In Asheville. Here is a shot of the front box cover. The AirCam wouldn’t be a UBNT product without disruptive pricing so this will change things in the IP camera space for sure.

Indoor Outdoor AirCam Box Front

Next we had Jerry Show us all the great things they have been working on in UniFi v2.0. This is an amazing product of Enterprise class AP’s. Again another disruptive product from the teams at UBNT. After Jerry exited the stage Matt took to the stage with his unique laid back presentation / Q&A style. I liked it. Just hit him with question on the fly. Very interactive for the attendees.

He took us through some teasers for new?technologies they have been working on. The first point of interest for me was the AirController “AirController” is the new killer app that Ubiquiti has been working on to replace the deprecated software suit “AirControl” . I have a video of this. I will embed the video when I get home… The internet available to me at the MUM is incapable of fast uploads and the file is 1.6GB. So here is a screen shot for now :)

*****Update 10.19.2011*****
Here is the Video I promised.

AirController Slide

After the AirController Matt moved onto another new product called the Ubiquiti Rocket Titanium X3 this new product will be a 3×3 MIMO radio with 2x gigabit Ethernet ports. At the time of writing the throughput speeds are unknown. This product will also require a new 3×3 feed for the Ubiquiti rocket dishes. I also have information that lead me to believe they will also be making a 3×3 Nanobridge however this was not announced at the 2011 AMWC Vegas.

Here is an image on the Ubiquiti Rocket Titanium X3 Front

Ubiquiti Rocket Titanium X3 Front

Ubiquiti Rocket Titanium X3 Top

Ubiquiti Rocket Titanium X3 Bottom

Ok moving along Matt then introduced us to another product called the ToughSwitch. This new product is an 8 port managed switch that will come in two flavors the first of which will be a non poe version that uses a standard ac-dc power adapter. The second flavor will be an ac powered version that will provide 8 poe outputs to power your Ubiquiti devices.

ToughSwitch Non-POE Front

The device will be managed very similar to any other AirOS device. You will just login via a web interface and go to town making it do your bidding. The operating system for the ToughSwitch will be named ToughOS. It was stated that it will only be capable of doing 4 VLANs due to the Atheros chipset used in this new product.

After lunch the next Ubiquiti announcement was their new EdgeOS Router platform which is based on the Vyatta OpenSource routing platform. Ubiquiti has apparently acquired most of the talent from Vyatta to bring us there new router platform. I am very excited about this sneak peek into what is going on over at the Ubiquiti campus.

The developers that were on stage telling us about the new platform were very excited about the platform. I am excited to see where this goes. The system will be running on MIPS64 multicore cpu’s with a dedicated switch ACICS to be a very fast product. This product was also announced to have “Disruptive Pricing” . So this will be a product that will poise Ubiquiti to enter mid size business? possibly? enterprise? class routing.

Possibly. This new router platform will be?managed?via the same methods of any other Ubiquiti product via a very attractive user interface. However for the CLI Elitists this will also be available too.

All of this was what was announced at the Ubiquiti Airmax World Conference 2011. I hope you enjoy this information as much as I did while at the event. Thank you Ubiquiti for continuing to innovate our industry and making it possible for WISPS to reach into rural parts of the world that are unserved or? underserved.

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