Tricks on How to unblock your Smart SIM


This tricks is tested on Smart SIM only !

Prerequisite at least you have two (2) mobile phone one (1) is none capable of MMS or internet such Nokia 1100 and the other should be capable of MMS or internet like Nokia N70.

First, insert the SIM into the none capable MMS or internet mobile phone then by typing MMS ON and send to 211 or MMS to 333. If Smart network reply your sms that your SIM/Mobile number is activated, then sms ROAM OFF to 333.

Second, if your SIM/Mobile number is already roamed off then remove the SIM and insert to the other mobile phone that is capable of MMS or Internet such Nokia N70.

NOTE: The configuration of your mobile phone is automatically send by Smart network if you insert the SIM to your phone. If in case not, then just repeat the procedure type MMS ON and send sms to 211 then sms ROAM OFF to 333.

FINALLY: You can now insert your SIM to your USB dongle wireless modem that is all...

This is very effective to me with the few simple and easy step, try it by yourself see if its works because it works for me. I'll just post for my Globe tattoo and Sun cellular tricks soon. Feel FREE to comment my box.


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im already active and open but i cant get free net browsing on my nokia can i get free?

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