PLDT MyDSL WatchPad WiFi Modem Router


In our household, everybody is connected, in some way, to the web most of the time. My dad goes online primarily to check e-mails and read the news. My mom, on the other hand, is always video chatting with my sister in California over facetime. As for me, I’m online 24/7. The aforementioned scenario is an example of what PLDT VP and head of PLDT myDSL Gary Dujali describes as a digital lifestyle and this is what his company seeks to cater with the new PLDT myDSL WiFi Modem.

Launched in October of last year, the PLDT myDSL modem-router lets users simultaneously enjoy high speed internet at home from multiple devices using both wired and wireless connections.

Ria Jose of sent me a unit for testing and I have to say I’m impressed by how easy it was to setup and how good it performed. It worked flawlessly as advertised.

Setting it up was a no-brainer. The thing actually came with a CD and a quick-start guide but it wasn’t necessary as it was basically a “plug-and-play” affair.

If you’re not comfortable setting up wireless networks, here’s a quick rundown of steps I took:
1. I attached the telephone wire, plugged it in, and powered it up.
2. After a few seconds, my computer detected the WiFi signal from the modem-router.
3. I typed in the default WEP password which is posted at the bottom of the router.
4. Next, I launched my browser which triggered the modem-router to configure itself automatically by testing my internet connection.

5. It then showed the following screen which meant that I was good to go.

For the technically-inclined, the PLDT MyDSL modem-router is actually a ZyXEL P-660HN-F1A ADSL Router with four Ethernet ports and IEEE 802.11 N wireless capability. The admin page is accessible by going to where stuff like the SSID and WiFi password can be configured.

I tested my internet connection speed against PLDT’s server and the result was decent.

Having experienced “picky” routers before where some of my devices were unable to connect to the wireless network, I made sure to test all of my devices with it. I’m glad to report that all of my gadgets at home were able to connect without a hitch. Devices tested include:
  • MacBook Pro (WiFi/Wireless)
  • HP Pavilion DV6 (WiFi/Wireless)
  • iPod touch 4th Gen (WiFi/Wireless)
  • iPhone 1st Gen (WiFi/Wireless)
  • LG Optimus One (WiFi/Wireless)
  • Popcorn Hour (Cat5/Wired)
  • Desktop Computer (Cat5/Wired)
For households that are yet to setup a home WiFi network, the PLDT myDSL WiFi + Modem is an attractive choice from both the technical and economic standpoint. Since it practically combines two devices into one, that’s one less device to purchase and configure.

The WiFi Modem is available with PLDT myDSL bundled plans 990 and 1299 for Php 2,200. Subscribers of myDSL Plans 999, 1995, and 3000 can get it cheaper at Php 1,000. The PLDT modem-router comes with one year warranty.


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