Mangosteen, The Exotic Asian Fruit


The indigenous people of Southeast Asia have treasured and revered the Mangosteen fruit for its multiple health benefits for hundreds of years. They understood, used and obtained many health benefits from the "Queen of Fruits".

They used the whole fruit, especially the rind or pericarp, to prevent and treat infections, control fever, reduce pain, treat inflammation, diarrhea, cystitis, gleet, gonorrhea, dysentery, eczema and a wide variety of other common health problems.

Where do all these amazing health benefits of the exotic Mangosteen fruit come from?

Xanthones, Mangosteen’s Natural Healing Compounds

Mangosteen contains potent, natural healing compounds called Xanthones, which experts say represent the next generation of powerful, biologically-active chemical compounds from nature.

The whole fruit is the single, most abundant source of Xanthones. Xanthones have been winning praise from scientists and researchers for their pharmaceutical properties and medicinal value.

Hundreds of years of folk medicine experience, independent scientific studies and clinical experience all suggest that the Xanthones in Mangosteen may offer benefits for every organ system in our body and provide a natural and safe alternative to conventional therapies and drugs.

The "Queen of Fruits" as Dietary Supplement

Because of its vaunted healing power backed by decades of independent research studies, natural health product manufacturers began producing mangosteen supplements in various forms.

Some companies created mangosteen products based on the whole fruit puree or pericarp extract of of this medicinal fruit. Thousands of people around the world now buy mangosteen extract products from family members, friends and on the Internet.

Mangosteen Health Benefits

Meanwhile, the number of Mangosteen research studies continue to rise as earlier studies provide even more proof of the health benefits of Mangosteen.

Mangosteen's beneficial health effects on a variety of medical conditions, supported by positive experiences and personal testimonials of people from all walks of life, are making it one of the most popular fruits in the dietary supplements industry.


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