Huawei WiMAX Tool For BM621, BM622 and BM625


  •  IP scanner with mac sniper - Ip scanner like angry bird with automatic save mac.
  •  Macs management - You can manage all saved macs from scanner.
  •  Mac sniper with auto speedtest
  •  Admin pass generator
  •  Mac address changer
  •  OUI and MAC vendor lookup
  •  Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (not 4.0, 2.0 or 3.0) 3.5 dapat wag makulit.

Changelog 2.0
  •  added MAC SNIPER
  •  Automatically genererate and test macs
  •  AUTO SPEED TEST : Atumatically get the speed in and save to database! (in mac sniper only)
  • * It has 3 mac generating method 1. random 2. Hexa increment (addition - calcu method) 3. Hexa decrement (subract - calcu method)
  •  Removed: Random mac generator
  •  Add settings tab
  •  Add count label of the data
  •  Fix some bugs
Changelog 2.0.1
  •  Add telnet username and password in settings
  •  Settings is now autosave.
Changelog 2.0.2
  •  Fix change 'use this mac or test' function in macs management
  •  smoother loading macs, removed flicker in reloading macs in macs management
  • Changelog 2.1.0
  •  Add automatic mac vendor lookup in mac changer (para hindi na magkamali ang mga noobs sa pagpapalit ng mac)
  •  New version / update notifier (Para siguradong updated lagi)
Changelog 2.3.0
  •  Fix the bug on mac sniper
  •  Stock in ip/mac scanning FIXED!
Changelog 2.5.0
  •  Fix some bugs IP scanner.
  •  Mas mabilis na mag scan
  •  Less stack in getting mac address
  •  Fix Get Mac admin password on macs management
  •  Removed registration
  •  Fix some bugs


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