How To Use An IP From A Specific Country While Running Tor


Tor can be very useful when it comes to access country-restricted websites. I am going to show how to configure Tor to mask your point of origin as though it is coming from a specific country.

Tor uses a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world and picks a random path between you and the destination server/site. The good news is that the exit node (the one that is visible by the destination server) can be specified. Such that you can specify a certain location for your visible IP address.

For this you can use Vidalia’s configuration. Here is how to do it.

Step 1. Install Vidalia bundle, if you don’t have it yet.
Step 2. Go to this page for a complete list of all available nodes. When selecting your node take a look to: country, speed and node type. You should choose only high-speed exit nodes.

Step 3. Once you’ve found an exit node from the right country, click on it to go to the node’s details page.

Step 4. Copy the fingerprint, eliminate all spaces and put a $ mark in front. For the above fingerprint we have ”$9D4D995AA745A3CAA6276AFAD505D3E4097AA075″.

Step 5. Go to Videlia Control Panel (double-click on Tor icon in the icon tray)

Step 6. Go Vidalia’s Advanced settings tab and see the path to your Tor Configuration File. This is where we’re going to specify our exit nodes.

Step 7. Open the configuration file with Notepad and at the top of this file, paste the following two lines, with fingerprint1, fingerprint2 and fingerprint3 substituted by the fingerprint code(s) from Step 4.

ExitNodes fingerprint1, fingerprint2, fingerprint3
StrictExitNodes 1

Step 8. After restart, Tor will try to access one of those servers as an exit node.

You can now access Hulu from Europe, BBC iPlayer from outside UK, or play games that weren’t available in your region.


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