Free Xango Mangosteen Juice? Yes!


Do you know that you can get the Xango Mangosteen juice for free?

XanGo LLC offers a 30-day, empty-bottle, unconditional money-back guarantee on its flagship product, XanGo Mangosteen Juice Dietary Supplement.

After buying and trying the product, if for any reason, you decide that you'd want to return the Xango Mangosteen Juice, you don't even have to mail back the unused or empty bottles of up to 2 cases you ordered.

Just call XanGo Customer Service, tell the Xango Representative that you want to return and get a refund for the Xango juice you ordered. Because Xango offers an unconditional, money-back guarantee, you will get your refund - up to 2 cases of what you bought.

Now here's how to buy the Xango Mangosteen Juice...

Buy the Xango Mangosteen Juice Retail
You can buy the Xango Mangosteen Juice without enrolling as a Distributor. Here’s how to do it:
  • Call Xango at 877-469-2646 (toll-free)
  • Provide your referring sponsor's XanGo ID number when ordering; if you don't have a referring distributor, the Xango Reresentative will assign your purchase to a random distributor
You can order just 1 bottle (25 fl. oz.) at a price of $39.95, plus shipping and applicable sales tax (Note: the 1-bottle option is for U.S. customers only).

Or you can buy 1 or more cases (4 bottles/case) for $125.00/case, plus shipping and applicable sales tax.

Buying Xango Mangosteen Juice Wholesale
Buy the Xango Distributor Kit for $35 and become a XanGo "Independent Distributor".
  • Call Xango LLC toll-free at 877-469-2646
  • Give your referring sponsor's XanGo ID # when you order (if you don't have a referring distributor/sponsor, the Xango Customer Rep will assign your order to a randomly-picked distributor)
Becoming a Xango distributor enables you to purchase the XanGo Mangosteen juice at wholesale prices. The $35 Distributor Kit fee includes the Xango Distributor Kit (Xango DVD, marketing materials and the Xango Policies and Procedures Manual).

One case (4 bottles) of Xango sells wholesale for $100.00 ($25 savings vs. buying it retail).


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