SE Xperia X10 Impressions


Yesterday I was able to play with Sony Ericsson's flagship Android Phone the Xperia X10. It's running Android 1.6 (Android has so many versions), and at first glance was that it was huge! It's bigger than the BlackBerry Storm2 though thinner. The screen was big! Well, this is the reason why the phone is big, because of the large screen real-estate.

It has 3 hardware buttons in the front and the rest is the touch-sensitive screen. It's got one button on top, together with the USB charging port and the headphone jack. It's got the camera button on the right side and volume rocker keys (i guess) on the same side. At the back, it's got an 8MP camera that sits beside an LED light to which I found out that it doesn't function as a flash, but just....yeah....a light! They call it PhotoLight...well yeah, just a light.

Going straight to the OS part....well, I was not impressed. It was sluggish! The slide-to-unlock screen was so slow, and when I got into the home screen, well, I didn't find anything exciting in it! Yeah, it's got games and apps, but nothing that impressed me. Though I think setting it up to get settings automatically from the network was fairly easy. The TimeScape, SE's own version of integrated messaging, was fancy, but then again, not impressive. It's a customized UI, very similar to Motorola's MotoBlur, that integrates updates and messages from SMS, to email, to Social Networking Sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Then there's moving around the menu, don't know if it's the touch-screen or what, but I hate how it's late in reacting to my gestures. Nonetheless, the Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 is one capable handset...maybe I'm just not into Android Phones as it offers nothing new and exciting that's worth getting one. But I can't say if you share the same sentiments....have fun!


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