The Road to Wi-tribe Pocket Wifi


Today I didn't stop until I got what I want, and that is a Pocket Wifi. Either a SmartBro Pocket Wifi or a Wi-tribe Pocket Wifi.

It's one of those days, when the itch of getting a new device is there. This time, it's getting a MiFi (pocket wifi). I already have an unlimited data account with Globe (using it with my Blackberry), I can use it too with my BlackBerry Playbook. But Globe has been inconsistent with their 3G connections the past few months, though I can't say I'm not satisfied...when I get a 3G signal with Globe, it's blazing fast!

My other line is from SUN (I consider this as an investment coz pretty soon they'll be integrating with Smart's network...which is very intensive), I use it on my HTC Desire Z Gingerbread phone. This one is my workhorse. I tether my tablets with it in the car and in the clinic. But the trade off is, it drains the battery fast. That's why, whenever I use it as a portable router, I make sure it's attached to a charger, but somehow, I feel restricted whenever I do that.

When our DSL line conked out a couple of weeks ago, I bought a SmartBro Power Plug-it and was very much satisfied with the speed that I got from it. That was when I was emboldened to get another wireless device so I can be connected. At first I thought the SmartBro Power Plug-it was ok, if I use it together with my Sapido Mobile Router, then it can be as good as a pocket router, but then I found out that I have to lug a bag every time and depend on an available electric socket. Besides, it's a prepaid dongle, and I have to worry if I have load and where to load.

Then I thought of getting the SmartBro WiMax...but it's bulky! Still, I considered it. Especially that I can use it when I'm in the province. Then I thought of Wi-tribe, it's a new provider...from Liberty Telecoms, which is owned by San Miguel Corporation, a newbie in the telco sector, but aggressive in their marketing. At first, Wi-tribe was negligible, since they were offering tiered pricing at speeds not even comparable with those of the established networks. And their prices were expensive for the speeds they were offering. But then again, now they are offering speeds and plans that compares with the other telcos.

I was ready to get the USB modem from Wi-tribe, heck I was even convinced of getting the bigger modems. I've psyched myself to it. I even went to one of their business center and was surprised with the speed they showed me. The only downside is, well, the coverage...only parts of Metro Manila. But the plus side is, well, no lock-in period! I can return the modem & have the line disconnected any time!

I found out that they have a pocket wifi modem too...not as pretty as Smart's or Globe's but a pocket wifi altogether. So I researched the web (not a lot of info about wi-tribe though). And convinced myself to get one. Then the other day, saw an ad about Smart's Pocket Wifi, so it went back into the choices.

So I said, which ever will not give me difficulty getting a device, that's what I'm getting. I went to Eastwood before lunch coz that's what @witribePH from twitter pointed me to get my device. Unfortunately, their store was closed and there was no Smart Wireless Center there too. So I went to Shangri-la EDSA this afternoon (since it's one place where Smart & Wi-tribe have showrooms), went to Smart Wireless Center 1st, I only have a copy of my Billing info, no financial document, but the girl at the counter insisted on the financial docs, so I went next door to Wi-tribe...they didn't ask for any financial document...I got the device!

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