nRelate for Bloggers - Is it worth really it?


As a blogger I get excited when I learn of new ways to make a profit from my passion. So, when I learned a program I was already using, nRelate, could earn me some extra cash I was thrilled to learn more. But is the pay worth the consequences? Let me explain.

What is nRelate?
nRelate is a blogging tool that helps your readers browse your site. When a reader reaches the bottom of the post they will see a few of your recent related posts that are similar to the article they just read. You can see it in action at the bottom of this post. This is great for both you and the reader. Your readers are spending more time on your site while your readers are getting more of what they love. nrelate is simple to install and they give basic installation instructions for WordPress, Blogger, Hubspot and Tumblr.

How do you make money with nRelate?
nRelate also has a way you can turn one or more of the related articles into a sponsored or paid link. The purpose is to still provide related content to your readers but because it is sponsored, it will go to a different site. Down side is that you are sending traffic away with a tool meant to keep your traffic on your site. So, as a blogger this is really only worth it if the pay is good!

(Example pictured below)

How much does nRelate pay?
Not much at all! Not enough for me to keep the sponsored ads on my site any longer! I will keep them up for a few days to allow most of the readers to see the sponsored link but then it’s going down!
I have had the sponsored ads active on my site, on every post, for the last 5 weeks. My 60,000 page views through that time has earned my site a whopping………$2.19!
71 people have clicked on a sponsored ad (according to their tracking records). Which means I turned 71 people away from my site for really no return.

Additional nRelate features
nRelate also offers in-text links, which I have not tried because I prefer infolinks. Considering how little the related post ads paid, I can’t imagine this will be any better. Also, compares to the larger sites such as infolinks and kontera, I question how many advertisers nrelate has that can provide a variety of paid links.

Overall Conclusion
Its obvious I am not a fan of nrelate’s partner program. But I do really love the tool itself. It is great at providing the readers with easy access to more of my content. Have you had a completely different experience with nRelate? Tell me! I would love to know if there is actually a way to make worth while income from this awesome blogging tool!

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