Linkwithin And nRealte:Best Internal Linking SEO Widgets


Navigating easily from one page to another page and interlinking posts in a blog is very essential to keep readers in that site for a long time to reduce the bounce rate.Without adding any difficult script and instead if a widget helps in this acheiving this action then it a must to use widget.

This most popular widget which helps in better Search Engine Optimization is "Linkwithin.". Linkwithin is a widget that shows all related post to particular post which a reader views.This widget shows titles of all related posts titles with thumbnails of post that user views and make the user to view more posts by this way this widget increses the page views of a site and helps in search engine optimization.

Most of you will be familiar with Linkwithin .There is an another widget that functions same like Linkwithin is "nRelate ". Adding nRelate to a sites is as easy as Linkwithin as it does not require any special skills to install,just sign up in nRelate website and choose your platform and install the widget.Currently nRelate is availabe for Blogger,Wordpress and Tumbler.

Though Linkwithin is more popular than nRelate here are some tips that states nRelate is more advantageous than Linkwithin.
  • nRelate more products such asRelated Content widget-Shows Internal related links, links to partner content, or sponsored posts Most Popular Widget 
    • -Your Most Popular Posts Served Up with Great Looking Thumbnails 
    • In-Text Linking-Automatically Link In-Text Keywords Prioritized by Value Flyout 
    • -Display related content from your site or blogroll, in a cool flyout box 
  •  Customising the widget colour of your own. 
Either LinkWithin or nRelate,using any one of these will helps more to your readers as well as you personally by increasing the page views and thereby decreasing your bounce rate. Check it out. For Top ranked free RSS feed and Blog directories for backlinking CLICK HERE.


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