Latest Globe Broadband WiMAX CPE Modem from Greenpacket


P1 is a WiMAX network in Malaysia that uses Greenpacket CPE modem models DV250 and DS300 for their subscribers, it is an indoor device that serves as a router and a gateway as well . Globe broadband venture to greenpacket CPE with two models similarly to Huawei devices. For security issue Greenpacket is more secure than Huawei's CPE as a result  the Telco company losses its profits previous years due to compromised Huawei WiMAX CPE router modem models BM622, 622i and BM625.

For those who wish to share the WiMAX connection had to buy their own WiFi router as the DS 300 has only a single LAN port. Alternatively, DV 230 which comes with WiFi to worry free in getting extra cost for those in need of sharing their broadband without an Access Point (AP).

The DV 230 has the same size as the DS 300 but if you look closely, you would notice some difference in the ports & LED. At the back, there’s a USB port for the WiFi module and a phone line jack.

At the top, the power icon has been replaced with a telephone icon which indicates that this modem is designed for V.O.I.P.

The WiFi USB Module is small, about a size of a USB Flash drive that plugs nicely into the DV 230.


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