Concentrated Bananas Health Benefits


The yellow-skinned banana, cheapest and humblest of all fruits, is a sweet energy booster with natural sugars. The simplest among the fruits, it is a preferred home remedy for constipation as well as diarrhea. Being a natural source of potassium, it is ideal for maintaining the health of the circulatory system. While most of you prefer to reap the benefits by eating the fruit, it can also be squeezed into concentrate without losing the goodness of bananas. Take a sneak peek at the health benefits of banana concentrate…

Health Benefits Of Concentrated Bananas
  • The abundance of vitamins and minerals make it a natural energy source.
  • The proficient presence of potassium helps in the lowering blood pressure levels, thus, thwarting stroke.
  • Good for circulatory system, the drink helps in maintaining the rhythm of heartbeat also.
  • Banana concentrate, via potassium, prevents water retention.
  • Fibers, present in plentiful amounts in the drink, transform it into a wonderful laxative. Thus, it is often recommended as a natural remedy for constipation.
  • The existence of tryptophan enables the drink to act as a natural anti-depressant agent by relaxing the mind and boosting your mood.
  • Women can enjoy pain-free menstrual cycles by making using of vitamin B6 present in concentrated banana pulp.
  • Shed those unwanted fat with the fibers, minerals, and vitamins present in the concentrate.
  • Get rid of the intoxication after a marvelous night party with a drink of the concentrate made with yogurt and honey.
  • You can also quit smoking and shield yourself from the habit’s harmful effects with the help of the minerals and B-vitamins present in this pale cream-colored drink.
  • Pregnant women can rely on the drink to combat morning sickness, replenish the energy levels, and retain the body glucose levels.
  • A natural cure for acidity, it helps in preventing and curing stomach and mouth ulcers.
  • The rich presence of iron helps in stimulating the production of hemoglobin, thereby preventing extreme los of blood in case of a major injury.
  • While bromelain present in the concentrate aids in id in easing erectile dysfunction and enhancing the male libido, potassium boosts the production of sex hormones and improve the sexual life.
  • Rich with serotonin, the drink acts as a mild tranquilizer. Thus, it is ideal to induce sleep in people suffering from mild insomnia and jet lag.
  • Fructooligosaccharide, present in the drink, enables proper absorption of calcium, thus aiding in strengthening the bones and vision.
The health benefits offered by banana concentrate seed to be endless. No wonder grandmas used to encourage the consumption of bananas as such or in the form of concentrate. If you have not tested the goodness of this humble drink, then you ought to! Do you doubt that you have intolerance towards bananas?