CCBoot Ozone Net


A glimpse about CCBoot. Internet cafes located in Chiangmai, Thailand, Internet cafes to named OzoneNet 7, there are 80 client is a diskless solution of CCBoot.

The following is a server configuration:
  • CPU Core2Duo the E6400;
  • motherboard P5B Deluxe;
  • 8GB of memory;
  • LSI 8708EM2 Raid Controller;
  • 2x160GB HDD Raid 1 for the server operating system;
  • 1x80GB SSD for for client image;
  • 4x250GB the HDD Raid 10 for the game board ;
  • 4x160GB HDD for write-back; the
  • 1x72GB the SAS for the write-back;
  • two-board network card;
  • operating system, Windows 7 Professional 64bit;
  • CCBoot version 1.9 1228.
Two 3Com 48-Port Gigabit Switch


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