Skycable Broadband useless static IP Address


It's useless to get Static IP for your Skybroadband internet connection, cause Skybroadband uses Proxy-Servers for their Internet-Service. You can test to see whether your internet is using proxy-server or not by visiting

BTW. here's the list of proxy servers for Skybroadband users which can be used by applying it to your browser Network settings: :80 :80 :80 :80

You can not download from Rapidshare, Megaupload or watch videos on megavideo etc... due to Proxy-Servers which is enabled & shared to all Skybroadband users. So Static IP is no use, as all the request which is send from your PC to Skybroadband Internet Service or Host , it always goes through the proxy-server then the proxy-server gives you the data to download. I always get an error while trying to download from rapidshare:


You want to download the following file: | 442 KB

Your IP address is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed.
While I'm not downloading anything from rapidshare, I always experience this problem everyday. Because other peoples who have the same IP address as me is already in progress of downloading a file from Rapidshare. Also the same problem occurs for some other similar websites, such as "megaupload"

(Download limit exceeded) Your IP address is currently downloading a 244320256 byte 002 file. or

Other than all these problems I also am suffering a very low download speed from almost all websites specially Youtube. Most of the time the pages doesn't load, amp; if it does load, it wont download the videos, I'm always getting this error: "An error occurred, please try again later." to me seems like "it fails" to download the videos & force to reload the page several times till it loads. But after a success load, it takes a lot of time to download the video. Also sometimes the internet stops for 3-6 minutes and the Cable light on the modem turns off & on.

That's how my Skybroadband internet is as of this post, I'm very disappointed with my current internet service from them. Well it doesn't matter anymore since I'm gonna STOP my subscription. Just sharing my experience with Skybroadband for 26 days! that's right only 26 days! as of this post and I'm already fed up with their Internet Service. & they don't give you the speed which they advertise. So if your gonna apply for Skybroadband make sure to give it a second thought and do a search for reviews of it in the internet or you'll fall victim to their poor Internet Service. BTW. I live in Makati city & have subscribed to their Plan 1.5 mbps for php999 a month. & my Download speed is from 10 kbps ~ 130 kbps & my Upload is around 58 kbps.

Thanks for reading my post & best of luck to you all!!!


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