Sky Broadband Username and Password

These instructions are for the original Sky Netgear router. For instructions for the new black Sky router see further down.

In a previous post I mentioned that someone at had figured out a way to find out your Sky Username and Password which is hidden within the router. This involved flashing the software of the router with a new version from Netgear. Whilst not difficult it might not be for the faint hearted.

Someone else has come up with a much easier way and quicker way of finding out this information. All you need to is log into your Sky router by typing into your browser and then entering in the username admin and password sky.

The next step is to enter the following url into your browser

Once you have done that enter in and save the file to your pc. Open the file with a text editor such as Wordpad and you will see your Sky Username and Password listed.

With this you will be able to use a different router other than the Sky provided Netgear one.

If you want to use your Sky router on another providers broadband then you would have to flash the software as mentioned earlier to get access to the Username and password fields you would need to enter your existing details in.

If you want to see what else you can do with your Sky router then visit NETGEAR DG834GT Hacking

New Black Sky Router Netgear DG934G

To get your username and password from the new black Sky router go to and enter your MAC code and serial number and it gives you the username and password. This has been confirmed to work by other readers.

Obviously some bright spark has managed to figure out the algorithym used by Sky that creates the hidden username and passwords.


Scott Walker said...

Well, its very very interesting to see this as one of my neighbor has the same router too and I am definitely gonna try this out :p. It will be alot fun too. Thanks man, Thanks again for sharing.... Hats Off. !!

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