Looking For Stable Cable Broadband Provider


I've been on Bigpond Cable for 10 years and can honestly say overall it's been pretty damn good.

There have been a number of times throughout the years when there have been dropouts / outages which ranged from someone cut a cable to modem issues.

The last problem I had (about a year ago) was very similar to what you are experiencing. It was very frustrating especially when you call the tech support guys and they read off their cue cards. LOL

In the end insisted a technician come to my house. He did some quick tests on my modem, then went out into the street where the 'pit' was and has all the cables running into everyones homes, and he changed the connector for my cable. He did another test after that and the signal was stronger than before.

He said it was most likely moisture in the connector in the pit causing the signal to drop out for a split second now and again.

Never had a problem since !

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