Edimax BR-6624 Load Balancing Router w/ 2 WAN ports + 4 LAN port


Smart Load Balancing

Three load balancing types allow administrators to manage the load balancing methods best suited to the LAN environment and to maximise bandwidth across different connections.

Key Features
  • Multiple IP Address support. Fully supports situations where your ISP allocated multiple IP addresses.
  • Advanced NAT features to set up DMZ, DDNS, Remote
  • Management Routing, Virtual Servers, SNMP, ARP proxy.
  • 5 groups of access filter to up to 253 LAN users
  • VPN, QoS support, Multiple DMZ
  • Supports 50 IP mapping
High availability with double bandwidth
For small-to-medium size business, Load Balancer is the ideal product. With Load Balancer, up to 253 users are connected to the Internet with Double Broadband Speed.

QoS (Quality of Service)
Load Balancer supports QoS for controlling traffic priority. With QoS, businesses can make the critical traffic or application at high priority and route first.

WAN port Health Check to against connection fail
Load Balancer offers automatic outbound traffic backup to against the failure of either broadband connection to protect your business.


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I would prefer Quad WAN rather than Dual WAN port.


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