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I’m just wondering why mostly internet users always complaining with their internet provider, I read and heard a lot of complains but not me. I am a Digitel DSL Plus user since June, 2011.

One of the digitel agent approached me last June 22, 2011 to try the Digitel. It so happened that time my provider will soon to expire so i instantly applied. I choose the 1 mbps, 1199 plan which include landline, modem, wi-fi and free nokia cellphone with two and a half years locked in period. Of course the doubt is there, @2 1/2 years locked in is too long and what if the service is not good? i’ll just admit it? So i did not avail the promo, instead the land line and modem only, with 1 year locked in period at the same monthly. So what is 1 year, if i don’t want the service isn’t it?

In short, I continued submitting my requirements. After five days my Digitel DSL Plus internet connection was installed as they promised. Up to this time I’m still using digitel DSL Plus, with no complains. I have my own router because I’m using three laptops. Honestly, I am satisfied with the service in spite of 3 laptops usually at the same time, NO problem with it. This coming June one year to be exact the service will expire and I will still continue using this provider, Digitel DSL Plus.

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