USB Flash Drive v210w 16 GB Write Protected


After one week of usage, my new USB Flash Drive v210w 16 GB appears as Write Protected.
Impossible to add a new file, delete an old file, even format the whole USB Flash Drive.
I tried various procedures described on forums, as
  • My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePoliciesWriteProtect > Value Data set to 0 
  • \devise\harddisk1\dr2

and normal formatting (Properties > Format) and low level formatting tools, as

but in vain.

What happened? How to resume using my USB Flash Drive normally?

I'm running a mini 311c on XP SP3.

Thank you for your help and best regards.

Other unsuccessful tools I tried
 Any idea?

I get help from hp support service.

The support technician suggested me to perform a disk format test with

It failed and prompted the message "Disk protected", so my USB Flash Drive was considered as dead.

So I went back to my reseller and proceeded to an exchange. The reseller wasn't surprised: according to him, big USB Flash Drives seems to be prone to this kind of malfunction.

I hope to be luckier with the new one!

I contacted hp support and got as an answer the name of a recovery utility Ufix.rar.  
Unfortunately, this utility doesn't recognize the v210w.
hp-branded flash USB cards are manufactured by PNY.
So I went to the PNY website and dug a little. 
Actually, the latest release is Ufix2v3.
It worked and restored my USB card.
Windows and Mac OS format utilities seem not to handle correctly the USB flash card correctly.
Mac OS says there's a 16 GB drive mounted on an USB support. I can unmount the volume without eject the USB connection.


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