Hairmax Lasercomb


The HairMax LaserComb is a breakthrough Low Level Laser Therapy device designed for the general public to use at home. Developed in Sydney, Australia and highlighted by TIME Magazine as one of their ‘Inventions of the Year’. The HairMax LaserComb is a high quality ergonomically designed device made up of precision components. It is a high quality laser device that complies with USA laser product safety standards, It is manufactured and patented in the USA with other patents pending in 104 countries.

Laser Light Hair Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) is based on the scientific principle that light, even ordinary light, has a positive effect on cell function. We can see it during the summer when we are exposed for a long time to the natural sunlight. During this period our hair grows faster and looks thicker.

Clinical studies suggest that the use of cold beam laser light delivered with the correct power and at the appropriate wave length, has the ability to slow the progression of hair loss and help you see a fuller, thicker head of hair.


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