Friendster Social Network Review


Friendster happens to be the top social networking site in Asia. Indonesians have a lot to cheer about as the social networking site will offer hordes of other languages in coming times. It has 52 million registered users and a great inflow of traffic; the visitor line-up nears a mammoth figure of 36 million.

Being the 3rd largest network in the world, it is only natural that it has high user engagement. In fact it ranks highest in terms of time spent on site by visitors. The visitors love the fundamental concept attached to this social networking site. Friends meet friends and sometimes discover a new facet to it.

Newscorp has funded with $580 million and even You Tube has snatched up a bounty from Google. These are the brightest times for social networking sites. Soon perhaps, Friendster will also be grabbed. It only seems like in the coming.

If you have an internet ready mobile device and are above 18 years of age, here is your chance to start connecting with long lost friends and new allies in a very conducive networking environment. Friendster helps with making people gain on the intimacy scale with ease.

So all you need to do is bookmark the social networking site into your mobile browser and start with the networking bit. Here you can post messages, check on activities of your friends, read the comment they leave in the networking site and also post bulletins.

If we indulge in a review of Friendster, there is a great chance the networking site won’t do too badly.


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