Wireless Green Router Review for Sapido RB-1802


It is nice to have wireless web in the home and get rid of the hassle of wiring. But, most individuals have concerns over poor wireless signal and connection quality. There are some products such as Sapido High-Performance Green Wifi Router might answer your requirements and complies with the newest 802.11n high speed wireless regular and built with 19cm super long high gain antenna as nicely as high performance chipset. This green wifi router ideally gives a very best answer for the use in massive houses, between floors and compartments. With 20,000 sessions, Sapido All Broadbands Router delivers the smoothest, speediest P2P download than ever and the intelligent QoS allows you to assign various priority to different applications or data flows for the smoothness on streaming multimedia applications such as on-line games, Voice over IP, and IP Tv.

Lots of men and women rent houses for temporary remain, and do not want to sign a long-term contract for World wide web service. As a result, many of them get on the web via 3G modem or smartphone which is really convenient, but the problem is only one device can access Internet at the time. Now, with the new green wifi technologies product RB-1842, numerous PCs, NB, iPAD, PSP…,etc can share the Internet connection at the same time, and even greater, you may share the Net bill with housemates. Also serves all broadband connections for Web sharing. You may connect not only GSM, 3G and three.5G USB modem to Sapido Router, but also iPhone, HTC and other Smartphone, then can share mobile brandband World wide web connections for other WiFi devices such as iPad, PSP, ViewPad, etc., and for other people to access Internet at the very same time. In addition, you may possibly use this broadband router for ADSL, Cable and Fiber as properly as Public WiFi or so referred to as Hotspot. If you live in a campus, you can put it by the window to re-boost wireless world wide web from outdoor to indoor and share wireless internet in your room.

Green WiFi Router complies with the most recent 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard and carrying Green AP technology. It adjusts power consumption according to the auto detect of Web connection and packet transmission, and can save up to 80% electricity. In addition, effective firewall feature would safeguard your network by preventing the attack from hacker or virus, and blocking inappropriate websites.


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