SEX Arc (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc)

Yesterday I was invited to the launch of Sony Ericsson Arc in MidValley The Library. It is fun!

So the story is, Maxis had partnered with Sony Ericsson to bring their latest and changgih-est phone to Malaysia, and yesterday they launch their Song Ericsson Xperia Arc. (As i would like to call their Sony Ericsson Xperia series, SEX)

Whats so special about the SEX Arc?

It has the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, and a big sexy 4.2 inch touchscreen, mind blowing 8.1 megapixel camera with Exmor R technology, Reality display with Mobile Bravia Engine, and Tri band HSPA and Quad Band EDGE.

At the event, we are introduced with the new SEX Arc and some of its super canggih function. The phone will be able to connected to the TV via a HDMI Cable, and show 720p image on your HD TV! The thing that blown me away is you will be able to control your phone using the TV Remote! Not any special tv remote, just the normal one that came with your Sony Bravia TV. Amazing right! You will be able to navigate your photo gallery using your remote! So no worry that your HDMI cable is not long enough or you need to sit in front of the tv and control your phone to show your awesome pictures to your family members.

It also shows that you all image on your phone will be able to project to your TV 1 to 1. So, they showed a youtube video played on the phone that linked to the TV, and a game playing using phone but the graphic is showed on the TV. Although i dont understand the use of the playing game and show the screen on TV part but, its a cool feature. Im not sure if you will need a Sony TV to do so, or any HDTV will do.

And one of the really cool feature of the phone is, the camera of the phone is really awesome and able to take photo under really low light. And i find the phone is really small and impressed they can fit a 1500mAh battery into such a slim phone.

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