Resetting your forgotten password on your dreambox


Follow these steps if you have forgot your password:

1) Install and run TuxBox Commander plugin
2) Change directory to edit /var/etc/passwd
3) Remove the encrypted password.

–> ATTENTION !!!! THE passdw file only !!! NOT the passdw-

3.1) In the file /etc/passwd is the line:
root:b:0:0:root:/root:/bin/sh or something as !!!
root:dkjhfhlksfdiueyr736592cigsdjgfj:0:0:root:/roo t:/bin/sh

3.2) the password field is the b or the encripted string dkjhfhlksfdiueyr736592cigsdjgfj

3.3) Delete the b or the string .
The line now is:
(for the DM500, if you are using an other DM keep the
root as it is, you must delete ONLY the string)

4) Save the file and exit
5) Telnet to your DB with root user without password
6) Create a new root password with the command : ” passwd ”

If you want put the original file with user:root and pas.:dreambox in one directory in your’s DM and if you forget again the pas. then just copy the file passw in the original location


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