NEW: Free Phone Support For Google AdWords Advertisers

Smaller search marketers tired of navigating AdWords’ online FAQs are getting a key new tool today: Google’s phone number. The company says it’s responding to advertiser demand by supplementing online and e-mail support with phone support for U.S. and Canadian advertisers at 1-866-2Google.

While larger advertisers and agencies have long had the ability to contact Google with support issues, smaller marketers have relied on e-mail support, online FAQs and forums.

Though Google says it’s providing phone support in response to advertiser demand, there’s likely more to the story — many advertisers would have liked phone support for all of AdWords’ history, yet Google has chosen now to respond. The decision is likely connected to Google’s aggressive pursuit of the universe of small, local businesses with its mobile and location-based products. More tech-savvy early adopters with online businesses could be serviced with e-mail and online support, but the folks running the local pizza parlor or shoe-repair shop may require additional hand-holding from phone support personnel.

The company is starting its roll out of phone support in the U.S. and Canada, but says it will also begin providing the service internationally in the coming months. Currently, the phones will be manned from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Support will only be available to current AdWords customers, so callers will be required to provide their customer ID.


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